Monday, July 27, 2009

Joy in July

After a strange start in the spring (cool, rainy and, oh yeah, the Flood) this last month has really been pretty ideal for everything to get revved up and blooming. My good old standards never seem to disappoint, and a few new experiments are proving well worth it too.

This Scabiosa is definitely one of my top favorites. It starts blooming in June and just keeps right on rolling well into the beginning of August. I deadhead these guys quite a bit which keeps them looking perky. The above picture is from my front flowerbed, which has considerably less compost in it than the below pic. I like the variety of having the 2 shades for cutting, but it's crazy how much deeper blue the flowers get in more fertile soil.

This Daisy plant (ok bush) is in its 6th year in the same spot. This spring the new growth was so late coming up that I was sure it had finally died over the winter and almost took it out. Sooo glad I had a little extra patience that day! Even though I love the Scabiosa, Daisies are still my all-time favorite. When they're in their prime it's just magical to watch them flutter in the breeze.
A couple of weeks behind their cousins in the garden, the sidewalk Zinnias are finally going strong. I planted these from the same pack of seeds that lined the entire perimeter of our garden. Unbelievable output...and they were all a gift! Thanks again, about great cut flowers all the time!

Finally, I had to include this cool picture that Johnnny took of one of our experimental flowers this year. My mom told me that Sweet Peas were my Grandpa's favorite but he could never seem to get them to grow in his yard. I decided to give them a try when I found a little plant on sale at a West Fargo greenhouse. I now understand why he liked them so much...they really are beautiful and so delicate, with hot pink, purple, and white flowers. I will say that at first they seemed a little "challenged", having an inordinately difficult time finding the fence 2 inches behind them, but a little nudging did the trick and now they're full of blooms. Grandpa Chub, these are for you!

Thanks for visiting! I hope everyone's summer is going great!


Johnnny said...

I love how that little sweet pea at the end is just barely above the fence line. It would be a great picture for a caption contest. Something about sweet pea tastes freedom while so close to jail. You get the picture.

Beth said...

What a great tribute to your Grandpa! I have several plants in my garden that have sentimental value for me - that's what makes gardening so cool.

I planted scabiosa this year based upon your glowing recommendation and I'm glad I did!

Kit said...

Thanks Beth! I think my mom may get the most enjoyment out of seeing those sweet peas...they totally remind her of my Grandpa every time she sees them - it's so fun to be able to provide her that.

Glad to hear you like your scabiosa! They're so reliable too. I am still loving the poppies! I'll be posting pics of them on my next update.