Friday, August 14, 2009

Harvest Time

Well, the literal fruits of our labor have finally ripened. After tending to our new garden for a couple of short months, we're really getting to enjoy loads of produce! It's been so fun looking forward to fresh veggies just about every day and finding new ways to prepare them.

In addition to the great chow coming out of the dirt, the zinnias have developed into quite the lovely border. I'm still so blown away that these all came from one seed pack! Also, the morning glories in the back are like something out of the rainforest...a super-fast growing vine with tons of blooms every morning.

Here's another shot of that morning glory - I planted 3 seeds of the same mixed variety, and we're getting this pretty blend of pink, purple and periwinkle. Johnnny the knot expert constructed a very sturdy homemade trellis out of twine for them to climb on and they've definitely taken to it.

The first veggie we got to eat were these glorious green beans. They're just unbelievably tender and so delicious. Talk about bang for the buck. I would guess we've had at least 6 meals consisting of giant mounds of beans and something small on the side. Although they're great just steamed, I'd love a good recipe to change things up!
Next came the beets, and wow are they sweet and awesome. I even got Johnnny to eat some of the cooked greens, which is amazing since he despises cooked spinach. I think growing them ourselves gives us the feeling that we don't want to waste one leaf...Respect the Veggies!
These zucchini didn't actually come out of the garden, but were grown in one of our Earth Boxes (a cool growing box with built-in root watering system). In them we've got zucchini, tomatoes, basil and poblano chiles. I'm not sure I've ever seen zucchini as a plant. If I have, I probably mistook if for a Jurassic Park prop. The leaves on this plant are seriously over a foot wide and there are dozens of them. Despite its gargantuantism, this is one heckuva producer. These guys below were our first pick and the biggest one was about 10 inches long. Dang, they're good on the grill and, BONUS, another great vehicle for getting parmesan cheese to my mouth.
Ok, for lack of a better phrase I will resort to using 13-year old text lingo...OMG! The Earth Boxes come through again with these fabulous grape tomatoes. I probably pick about 10 or so a day and we love them mixed with mozerella, avocado and a little balsamic vinegar. After eating these, it seems like grocery stores should be fined for calling what they sell tomatoes.
I think one of the best things about growing our own food is the sense of self-sufficiency that it brings. Sometimes I catch myself thinking about some of my ancestors and how they knew how to grow everything, make everything, do everything as it related to their lives. It's such a cool feeling to be able to capture even a fraction of that knowledge and see it bring something real to bear. The learning part of gardening really is half the fun for me.
Thanks for checking out my blog! I hope you're having a great summer and enjoying some great fresh harvests of your own!


Beth said...


Great garden photos Kit! I gotta taste those green beans some time!

Kit said...

Thanks, Beth!
I think we can arrange a bean care-package as I can barely keep up with picking them. After our latest round of rain I'm almost afraid to see what my work will be tomorrow. UR2COOL2!

Johnnny said...

Shouldn't we have to pay some sort of Garden Tax? In that top picture, you wouldn't even know there are vegetables growing behind the zinnias! The morning glories are glorious! Is it possible to eat too many green beans? Methinks not. I will refrain from commenting about boiled spinach, but will say
that those beets will clean out your system. Zucchini are great but so hard to rhyme to. Love the cherry red tomato picture - makes me want to eat some ketsup.

COGSTAR said...

I'm down with a Spinach Tax -- and also a No Alternative Maximus Tax on Tomato Chunkage, too. Those green beans looks terrific! Mom used to cut the ends off and cook them in some kind of white sauce with a little was Awesome-O 4000! In fact, Mylah's Special Green Beans are the only stand-alone vegetable included in my list of favorite things Mom used to make! So.

Kit said...

Scotty, that's awesome that you glike green beans! Maybe we can make some creamy peppery ones when you're here!

Johnnny said...


Uncle Scotty LOVES vegetables! Maybe we can completely skip going to Duane's Pizza during their visit to God's Country, and instead stay home and just eat alternating piles of beets, beans, zucchini, carrots, peppers, and onions! Actually, that sounds pretty good. Instead of Once-Around-the-Kitchen pizzas, it would be Once-Around-the-Garden.

Lynn said...

Lovely posts, with all the abundance from your garden. Don't you just love that fresh garden produce? This year my husband planted a big garden and we have been simply basking in tomatoes, peppers, onions, etc. You are right, those things they sell at the store should NOT be called tomatoes ;)